How To Replace Door Lock Cylinder

A car door lock cylinder plays some important functions like protecting the occupants of the car as it moves, offering you a peace of mind and protecting the car from theft and everything inside the car. The latch mechanism on the door is made in such a way that it will unlock or lock the door depending on the direction that you turn the key. This is usually the case given the normal circumstances but this will change if the cylinder will be worn out as it will make it hard to lock or unlock the door. There are instances where the cylinder will not release your key or even cause it to break inside. Below are some important steps that you should follow when you need to replace door lock cylinder:

Tools You Need And First Steps

You will need a couple of tools to do this job like a window handle puller, replacement cylinder kit, flat-head screwdriver and needle-nose pliers. After ensuring that you have the tools above, you should start the process by ensuring that you unlock the door whose door lock cylinder you will need to replace using the key or from inside the car. You should then roll up the car window using the button on the door panel or the crank. You should then push the C-clip ends that are found behind the handle of the door using the window handle puller from the window handle. The window handle should be detached from the bar.

Removing The Inside Door Panel

You should then proceed to unscrew your car’s door lock indicator that is found next to the window. Make sure that you remove all the screws present in your armrest and door handle tray. You should then use the flat-head screwdriver to pry away the clips starting from the corners that are lower all the way round to the top of your car’s door panel.

Removing The Malfunctioning Door Lock Cylinder

The next thing would be to pull the bracket clip that holds the lock cylinder in place off using the needle-nose pliers after sliding your hand to the back of the malfunctioning lock cylinder. You will then be able to remove the lock cylinder by pulling it from outside. You should remove the particular piece that will be connecting the cylinder to the door lock indicator system.

Replace Door Lock Cylinder

You should then assemble the brand new door lock cylinder just like the older one by placing the rubber gasket atop the cylinder part that fits on the exterior car door. Ensure you push this replacement small bracket on the cylinder in order to hold in place the gasket. You should then place the complete lock assembly into the space on the door and align it to the cylinder slot. After that you should make sure that the bigger bracket that normally holds your door lock cylinder to the inside of the car door. The last step would be to test your replaced door lock cylinder through locking and unlocking action on the door itself.